• This formula, with Dermal Infusion Technology®, provides relief of peeling, scaling, itching between the toes and irritation associated with fungal infections. With the proprietary Spiraleen®, an effective anti-microbial ingredient, it protects and cares for clammy feet prone to Athlete’s Foot. Contains no added moisturizers.
  • This formula with Dermal Infusion Technology® is proven to moisturize and restore very dry skin. Contains Urea to hydrate skin prone to dryness. Ideal for seniors and people with Diabetes.
  • Encased in a satin- smooth, contoured comfort grip, this double-sided file is made with high quality stainless steel and has a multi-directional grit that will not shred the skin. Lightweight, easy to use, easy to clean and recommended for use at home, in-between pedicures.
  • Formulated with Tea Tree oil, this formula effectively kills odour-causing bacteria in shoes in seconds and leaves a refreshing scent. Formula will not harm leather or canvas. Easy to use spray allows for a controlled and targeted application.
  • This formula with Dermal Infusion Technology® is proven to moisturize and effectively eliminate deep cracked skin in extremely calloused heels. Contains Evening Primrose oil to improve skin structure and Urea to hydrate and lock moisture into the skin.
  • This formula with Dermal Infusion Technology®, with the proprietary antimicrobial ingredient Spiraleen®, is effective in treating dry, rough, scratchy or sandpaper like skin prone to fungal infections. Urea locks in moisture. Ideal for seniors, people with Diabetes and those who are immunocompromised.
  • “Double-Defense” treatment for the feet formulated with Dermal Infusion Technology®. This super hydrating, yet lightweight, unique mousse with Urea is both anti-aging and rejuvenating. It is absorbed immediately, locking moisture into the skin. Containing Spiraleen® it provides anti-microbial properties that relieve skin irritations. This rich mousse revitalizes, hydrates and smooths the skin including, but not limited to dry or sensitive skin. Great product for night care.
  • Proven to effectively kill odor-causing bacteria. This formula contains Tea Tree oil to neutralize foot odour and Menthol to cool the skin and leave a refreshing scent. Easy to use spray allows for a controlled and targeted application.
  • An effective spray, containing the proprietary antimicrobial ingredient Spiraleen®, is proven to provide care for unsightly toenails prone to fungal infections. Contains Avocado oil and Panthenol to restore toenails to optimum health.
  • This Gentle Facial Cleanser thoroughly rinses away impurities without compromising the skin's integrity for a more balanced complexion.
    • Non-irritating, non-foaming, oil-free, one-step gel cleanser eliminates need for additional make-up remover,toner, or shaving gel
    • Removes traces of excess oil, without feeling of dryness
    • Excellent as shaving gel—minimizes irritation after shaving
    • Easily removes makeup, even around eye area with lash extensions
    • May be used post-treatment on sensitized skin
    Fragrance-free. Paraben-free.
  • This milky lotion Hydrating Cleanser gently lifts away impurities and makeup, while leaving the skin feeling soft yet thoroughly cleansed.
    • One-step, non-irritating cleanser gently removes surface impurities and removes light make-up
    • Hydrating, creamy lotion texture cleanses without stripping the skin
    • Formulated to respect hydrolipidic balance of the epidermis
    • Infused with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to calm and soothe
    Fragrance-free. Paraben-free.
  • Cranberries are naturally loaded with antioxidants and essential nutrients. It's no wonder they are referred to as the "health berry!" We've captured these protective anti-aging benefits in our Cranberry Scrub to promote brighter, smoother, and glowing skin.
    • Micronized, spherical cranberry seeds and ultra fine sea salt gently exfoliate the skin
    • Natural acids in cranberries help prevent dead skin cell accumulation and excess oil build up
    • Superb for rough, dry, or dull skin complexions
    • Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed
    • May be used for most skin types
    Mild fragrance. Paraben-free.
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